Santa Rosa Castle

he Santa Rosa Castle  was built in 1682 by order of the field master Don Juan Fermin de Huidrobo, in order to protect themselves from attacks by pirates, after the landing of 500 French pirates who plundered and outraged the city of La Asuncion in 1677.

Santa Rosa  Castle is located on the top of hill eminence in the Valley of the capital city (La Asuncion). located here given that strategically allowed  to control the various access points. Among the most notorious stories of the Castle  Santa Rosa we have the jailing of the Venezuelan Heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, who suffered thousands of pressures and pressure to betray her husband, General Juan Bautista Arismendi. It should be noted that within the period of incarceration she had a child who died within the walls of the castle and later was transferred to the San Carlos de Borromeo Castle. In both castles you can visit the dungeon in which this Venezuelan heroin was for more than 16 quietly years and in jail for his country.

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Castillo de Santa Rosa

We can say that the Santa Rosa Castle is intact, in his murals, small rooms where weapons of the Spaniards of the time and some paintings are exhibited. The views from the terrace is quite peculiar because you can see the Matasiete and Guayamurí hills, including the city of La Asuncion.

At the door there is always a very kind person who can tell you the story in exchange for cooperation. Don’t forget to leave your comments when you leave the castle in the guestbook.

We leave as usual some photos with their descriptions and their respective 360 degree virtual tour of the site.

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