San Carlos de Borromeo Castle

The  San Carlos de Borromeo Castle was built in 1622 with a typical military architecture of the time under the orders of the Spanish Crown to protect the port and the customs of Pampatar from privateers and pirates, as well as to prohibit the passage of any vessel to Pampatar Bay, played a role in the independence history of Venezuela and the island region. It is also notable because it served as a prison of Heroin Luisa Caceres de Arismendi in 1816 after being imprisoned in the Santa Rosa Castle for her transfer to the prison in La Guaira.

A curious note that leaves the history of the Castle is that  it was destroyed by pirates and rebuilt several times by the heavy battles that occurred in the place by the taking of Pampatar. Moreover, there is another one that has to do with its architecture, and that says there was a design error because it was built much above the sea level and its pit never filled with water to give greater protection to attacks by foot.

Virtual Tour Of Castle

Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo

When you go to the San Carlos de Borromeo Castle, you can see that his entry is through a drawbridge, then enter a central courtyard where there is  several rooms including the provisional dungeon of Luisa Caceres as we mentioned above. Then you can climb a ramp with access to the top where can be seen 4 surveillance towers typical of the Spanish military construction of the time which from an air shot takes the form of a 4 – point star.

Currently it works as a free museum to the general public so that they can enjoy the panoramic view of the Pampatar bay and the gun battery of which we have taken a series of photographs for you and the usual virtual tour in 360 degrees to enliven the experience as if you were in the place.

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Photos of the San Carlos de Borromeo Castle

Video of the San Carlos de Borromeo Castle

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