Punta Ballena Lighthouse

The Punta Ballena Lighthouse we consider it an essential of the Margarita Island given that the experience that visitors will live when climbing the steps to the top of The Punta Ballena lighthouse, is very special since they can enjoy the beautiful scenery with a 360 degrees view of the Salinas and the Bay of Pampatar to Guarame feeling the wind with a flavor of sea surrounded by beautiful birds circulating around his eight balconies.

Tour Virtual of Lighthouse

Faro Punta ballena

The Punta Ballena lighthouse was built in 2007 by the Navy of Venezuela and reaches 28 meters high. It is visited daily by tourists and locals that just buy a ticket for a very affordable cost, and will have the right to live that experience. Do you also know that below the lighthouse there is a craft shop so you can take a souvenir of your visit and a marine library.

Location and Schedule: At the end of the Colinas Street of La Caranta in Punta Ballena, Maneiro, Pampatar, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. Monday to Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 PM

Don’t forget your camera or videocamera to capture this beauty. Similarly and as usual we let the photos we took on our visit. Remember that if you like it you can share it through your social networks.

Punta Ballena Lighthouse Photos

Video of the Punta Ballena Lighthouse

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