Fortín de la Galera

La Galera’s Fort, as its name indicates is a stronghold located in the northern part of the Margarita island where we find the historic town of Juan Griego; Built in 1811 , its main function was to protect the city and its inhabitants. From above you can see the bay of Juan Griego and the bay of La Galera.

Virtual Tour La Galeras Fort

Fortín de La Galera

It is said that from La Galera’s Fort  one of the bloodiest battles of the island were fought, when the Patriots (Venezuelan) gave their lives to take the stronghold of the hands of the Realist (Spanish) on  November 16th 1815, two years later, on August 8, 1817 was the protagonist of the Battle of Juan Griego, commanded by Marshal Pablo Morillo to invade the island to end the islanders resistance to the Spanish empire, and people fought the invasion from La Galera’s Fort throwing large stones at the attackers. Unfortunately an accident in the vault of the fort ended in tragedy killing most of the defenders and giving advantage to the invaders who then plunder the city and burn it .

With this brief introduction of La Galera’s Fort you have the basic information of what happened and the story behind those walls and gun batteries. Anyway when you get to the site you probably will find childrens willing to tell the complete history in exchange for money that we recommend setting first.

We leave you a virtual tour of La Galera’s Fort  and some photos we have taken on our visit. In another summary of ideas we want to let you know that Juan Griego sunsets are the most picturesque of the island. Therefore we recommend to take precautions so that you are there in evening hours. You’ll surely thank us not.

Photos of La Galera’s Fort

Video report of La Galera’s Fort

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