Basílica of La Virgen del Valle

The Basilica of La Virgen del Valle as its name suggests is in honor of the Virgin that was proclaimed patroness of the Eastern peoples. Known as Nuestra Señora del Valle (Our Lady of the Valley) which is highly revered by Venezuelans because of its countless miracles fulfilled by her according to the judgment of its believers. The beautiful chapel of two towers has a neo-Gothic architecture that makes it very picturesque and on his inside we find spectacular stained glass with stories related to the patroness. Also, the most important and impressive it is the image of the Virgin dating from the sixteenth century.

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Basilica de La Virgen del Valle

If you have the opportunity to visit the Basilica of La Virgen del Valle you are likely to see some devotees paying their promises with offerings such as flowers, rings and photos related to the fulfilled miracle.

On the outside it is the Santiago Mariño Square and a craft market with hundreds of images of the Virgin made by local and devotees.

The church was named Minor Basilica of the Nueva Esparta State on September 8 1955, from that day to the present the festivities are celebrated with thousands of pilgrims from September 8 to September 15. The church is located in the famous Valle del Espirito Santo (Valley of the Holy Spirit) just minutes from the major cities of the South of the Island like Porlamar and Pampatar.

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