La Casa de Rubén

La Casa de Ruben is a restaurant of margariteña tradition that you can not miss if you visit the Margarita Island. With more than 25 years that speak of the quality of this traditional restaurant on the island where the famous Chucho cake known throughout the country was born thanks to its creator Ruben Santiago current owner and founder of this restaurant.

Restaurante La Casa de Ruben
Live music at La Casa de Ruben

Located in Porlamar on the shore of the Guaraguao Bay, this low-profile restaurant surprise us to enter and see the dozens of paintings with photographs of hundreds of memorable moments, including recognitions and celebrity visits, result of its varied and good food. You can also enjoy live music Tuesday through Saturday which are the days that opens its doors to the public. It will not be easy to find available seat as it is filled every day with people who want to eat the already named cake or the catalan salad that also has its origins in that kitchen.

Note that it’s a restaurant that only serves lunch and closes at five o’clock, so we recommend not to go after three in the afternoon because you risk not to find the most popular and delicious dishes. The atmosphere is very nice and the service despite being almost always over-saturated, does the best they can.

We leave you the address and phone number of La Casa de Ruben so you can book if you like: Raul Leoni Avenue, Porlamar, Margarita Island, Venezuela … .. Phone: (0295) 261 1602. It has surveillance and security for their visitors and their vehicles.

Photos of La Casa de Ruben Restaurant


Location of La Casa de Ruben Restaurant

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