La Casa de Esther

Among the best restaurants in Margarita there is one called La Casa de Esther, who offers from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:30 to 5:00 pm succulent dishes that pride the venezuelan cuisine and delicacies that bring hundreds of visitors to taste.

Restaurant La Casa de Esther. Margarita Island

Throughout his time in Nueva Esparta they have a variety of food that are particularly identified among those there is the sweet “ice cream of Aji Margariteño ” and its extraordinary dishes like the stew for Raya cakes; It is because of them, that in recent times they have made the provision of working for its customers through reservations, here I leave the data so you be sure to visit this culinary charm.

They are located in Pedro Gonzalez, opposite to the Plaza Bolivar of Margarita… they also joined the social networks, in Instagram @lacasadeesther in which they are making mention to their visitors and adding followers in this digital world. Likewise, you can book by phone through the number 0416-1966052 and 0295-2661831

Photos of La Casa de Esther Restaurant

Location of La Casa de Esther Restaurant

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