The Fondeadero restaurant offers their diners a varied menu of very fresh sea food in a sheltered environment with a beautiful view of the sea and the San Carlos de Borromeo Castle. The place has enough tables to receive at least 100 visitors wishing to try their excellent dishes.

Fondeadero Restaurant, Pampatar

The same has a King size bar for those who like to go out and take from wines to the best Scotch. The service is outstanding and the menu features meat and poultry. Located in the historic center of Pampatar, this restaurant is an alternative that should not be ruled out.

We faithfully recommend the fosforera soup and any fish filet you see in the card.

To visit this restaurant it won’t be necessary to have a reservation. We left some photos that we took of the place on our visit.

Photos of the Restaurant

Location of Fondeadero Restaurant

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