El Remo Restaurant

A grilled snapper with contours of steamed potatoes and sauteed onions is part of the delicacies offered by El Remo Bar Restaurant in Margarita, characterized by the simplicity and elegance of its services in a pleasant place for tourists.

El Remo
Interior of El Remo Restaurant

It has a demanding menu of poultry and seafood that you want to devour when asking for each meal. In addition to that, we can’t fail to mention the favorite dish that characterizes this place which is the flood of seafood, and the superb Paella. The Remo is located on 4 de Mayo avenue, for bookings you can do so through the phone 0295.261.3197, 0295.263.4048, and 0295.263.4371, and an email elremo1994@gmail.com likewise they are also encouraging their customers to include them in their social networks with their account @elremomargarita and the hashtag #UnaTradiccionEnMargarita

Photos of the Restaurant

Restaurant Location

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