Dolphin Restaurante

fachada del Restaurante Dolphin

In Pampatar the specialists in sicilian and international food are the hosts of Dolphin Ristorante that make of your menu a magic of flavors for the lovers of the margariteña and Italian cuisine. Their waiters dress elegantly to surprise with its hospitality to every person who sits in their spaces. It is a warm and inviting place, well maintained and with good light.

From a shrimp cocktail with avocado to a carpaccio of octopus there are all part of their dishes. This restaurant is located on Aldonza Manrique avenue in the urbanization Playa El Angel; They have private parking, and their contact phone is 0295-2623755. As part of its innovation they have a blog but does not fully work, however they are in social networks through @ristorantedolphin

Location of Dolphin Restaurant

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