Waterland Park in Margarita Island

In Waterland Margarita we have different activities that you can enjoy with us in your visit and make your stay in the Margarita Island an unforgettable memory for you and your family, such as swimming with dolphins, the Marine Encounter, dolphin show, marine wolf show, exhibition of exotic birds and the only venezuelan wildlife zoo. In addition for the people with disabilities, we have a successful program of Dolphin Therapy offered by the Dolphin Research Center of Venezuela.

Our attractions including dolphins, sea lions, several species of fish, wildlife specimens from the region and the country, bring you closer than ever to the natural world that makes Margarita Island a paradise. We are the best of both worlds.  Waterland Margarita Sea World is The Magic of Nature at your reach.

Video of swimming with dolphins

Location of the Waterland Sea World Park

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