Musipan Park in Margarita Island

This Kingdom called Musipan Margarita Margarita is very famous because when entering you won’t stop laughing. Located just minutes from El Yaque beach is Musipan Margarita Park, a theme park with rides tailored to the Venezuelan humor, which consists of a somewhat peculiar architecture with a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea.

parque musipan
House of the Wife in Musipan Park

If you want to visit this amazing place, you will enter a realm where every corner you will find different laughing characters (actors) that fun the whole family in its route inside the place. You can also enjoy music, theater, swimming pools, restaurants, crafts, among others.

The Kingdom of Musipan Margarita Park opens its doors to a world of fun and entertainment of a culture based on a fishing village in the last century, but adapted to the present.On your next vacation be sure to visit on Margarita Island this beautiful place for you to take the most unforgettable memories in the style of The Kingdom of Musipan Park Margarita.

We leave you some pictures that we found so you visualize in your imagination what we’re talking about.

Photos of the The Kingdom of Musipan Park

Location of Musipan Park

If you want to visit the park’s official website HERE

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