Climate in the Margarita Island at this time

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How is the weather in Margarita Island? What is the best season or time to visit? When are the periods of rain and drought? these are some of the questions most frequently asked by visitors and for this reason we have written this post so they can follow and actually know how  the weather in Margarita Island is.

clima en margaritaThe climate in the Margarita Island is tropical arid (dry) and semiarid (semi dry), where we can basically find two short rainy seasons and two dry.

The first rainy period we find it in the months of November and December being the last month the rainiest with 77 mm spread over 10 days; the second rainy season is between the months of June, July and August, but as well we said, there are few rains. You’ll hardly find someone who has her vacation ruined by rain

Moreover, among the dry periods we have the months of February to May and the second period between September and October. The month of May being the driest of the year.

Temperature in Margarita

Regarding the temperature in Margarita Island, we can say that it is stable throughout the year with an average temperature of 28 to 29 Celsius degrees or what is the same 82.4 and 84.2 Fahrenheit degrees. However, we must say that it feels heat because of the moisture that ranges with an average of 79%. But this, on the beach, it shouldn’t be a problem because at the end of it, we're on the  beach! Thus the temperature in margarita will not be a problem if you decide to take a vacation on the island.

  • January: 28-30 ° C. In January the weather in Margarita Island brings us many hours of sunshine, with pleasant temperatures.
  • February: 29-31 ° C. the dry season begins.  High season in the Carnivals.
  • March: 30-31 ° C. Twelve hours of sunshine. The climate on the Margarita Island is hot but still nice on the beach.
  • April: 27-30 ° C. Twelve hours of sunshine and summery temperatures. High season in the Holy Week.
  • May: 27-29 ° C. We still have twelve hours of sunshine, but the weather is hot with high temperatures during the day.
  • June: 25-29 ° C. A little rainy period begins. It feels the moisture
  • July: 28-33 ° C. Start the local high season. Hours of sunshine and high humidity.
  • August: 29-33 ° C.  High season. Twelve hours of sunshine. The climate of the Island is the hottest in August.
  • September: 29-32 ° C. High season ends. Eleven hours of sunshine and still high temperatures.
  • October: 25-32 ° C. The sunshine hours are lower and the climate softens.
  • November: 22-31 ° C. A pleasant month with very little rain and much sunday sun.
  • December: 26-29 ° C. Local High season. The most pleasant climate of Margarita, is the wettest month.

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