Taxi lines in Margarita Island

Taking a cab in the Margarita Island is sometimes the best option for travelers that are just going to enjoy the hotel of their choice every day of their vacation, for that reason, we let you  know that the cab lines in the Margarita Island can be found at all shopping malls, hotels and landmarks such as parks and beaches. The official taxis or those in a line can be recognize it because they are painted white and have a yellow plate. It is important you can recognize it to avoid taking pirate cabs which do not have the security, the set prices or in many cases even a good service.

lineas de taxi en margarita
Taxi Line in Margarita

The taxi is definitely the ideal means to move within the island if you have decided not to rent a car, are relatively inexpensive or cheap depending on the route you take and the distance that this represents, but if you were to compare worldwide, you will notice that they are very economical.

We advise you that if you manage to find a taxi that generate you confidence and have shown to be responsible, take his number or card and then travel with that person during your stay. That will make you feel more safe and calm.

Here are some tips when taking a taxi:

  • Make sure it is a taxi from a line. (White with yellow plates)
  • If you take a taxi at the airport or ferry terminal, be sure to see the prices set on the lists, banners or billboards, and visualize the cost of the transportation to your destination.
  • If there is no billboard, ask the price to several taxis. if you agree with any. Set the price in Bolivars before starting to go.
  • Do not accept that the rate rises after being fixed.
  • Pay when you reach your destination in Venezuela is not usual we paid before that.
  • If you are staying in a hotel with a taxi line, ask the taxi from the reception, they will call it for you.

List of taxi lines in Margarita.

Luxor Taxis

Taxis Luxor, CA Distinguished taxi company in the Margarita Island dedicated to the receipt of requests of service.

Nueva Esparta, Porlamar, Av. Prolongacion May 4 Professional Center Atrium Building, 3rd Floor, Office A-31, Urbanization 4 De Mayo

Luxor Taxis - Taxis en Margarita 4 De Mayo
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Nueva Esparta, Pampatar, Av. J.B Arismendi, Centro Comercial C.C. Aqua Center, Piso 2, Local 09, Urbanización Jorge Coll
Cexpre - Taxis en Margarita Jorge Coll