Margarita Island Airport

The Margarita Island Airport Chief General Santiago Mariño (International) is located in El Yaque, 15 km (9.5 miles), southwest of the center of Porlamar city on Margarita Island. Serving the cities of Nueva Esparta state with its three islands and as connection to the main cities of Venezuela due to its location. Currently it has the ability to move more than three million passengers a year through its terminals, which makes this airport a strategic point in the Caribbean.

margarita island airport
Driveway to Margarita International Airport

Opened in 1974, replacing the old airport of Porlamar known at the time as the Luisa Caceres de Arismendi airfield, famous in the 70s by starring in the growth and boom of Margarita Island as a tourist destination and free port of the Caribbean, preferred by many South Americans who called it The Pearl of the Caribbean.

Currently operate about twelve national airlines covering daily and inter daily route mobilizing locals and tourists that scale at other airports in the country as the Simon Bolivar International Airport (Caracas) just 30 minutes away and La Chinita International Airport ( Maracaibo) at 55 minutes.

In general and as travelers we can say that the airport infrastructure is in good condition, considering it is an airport with a tourist beach. Surveillance in the place is pretty good and has good private taxi service and car rental.

Finally, we report that the cities of Porlamar and Pampatar are a little far so it may take at least 40 minutes to reach by car. and in case of translating to Juan Griego or around El Agua Beach in the northeast tip of the island, it would take approximately an hour and a half, finally, the beach hotels in El Yaque are very close at less than 10 minutes. Having said this we end by recommending that you take a cab of a line since public buses are not an option or lets say, are not the best idea.

TIP: Ask the taxi lines for the sign with the prices and notice the fare to your destination before you hire him to set a price in Bolivares before starting the trip.

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Photos of Santiago Mariño International Airport

Video entering Margarita airport