Sambil Margarita Mall

If we talk of tradition the construction chain Sambil is full of desire to invest in Venezuela and bring in their works to every corner of the country, that is why the Margarita Island is one of those areas of expansion in this concept, in here Sambil Margarita mall was born, the giant Churuata that every resident and visitor could go to. More than a shopping center is the slogan that runs this place, because Sambil Margarita is defined by eight main entrances with the names of the main renowned beaches of the island to increase access and location.

sambil margarita
Internal halls of Sambil Margarita Mall

Sambil Margarita mall has a total of 243 shops distributed in nine anchor places, seven cinemas with the cinema chain Cines Unidos, 17 food places in the middle of the Churuata, however, nine restaurants are located in the terraces of the mall. There are also 22 kiosks where you can mostly find products and handicrafts features of the island.

Being an extraordinary project they sought success by distributing nearly 2,000 parking spaces for the convenience and accessibility of the driver and passerby, a space that gives quality of life to the visitors. This shopping center is centrally located on the Jovito Villalba Avenue, Sector San Lorenzo, Autonomous Municipality Maneiro, of Pampatar, the schedule is from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm and Sundays and holidays from noon to eight of the night. Their contact numbers for customer service, promotions and events, 0295.260.29.28, 260.29.14 and 260.27.26. Delving into social networks Sambil Margarita is mentioned, they are only found on Twitter with his @tusambilmgta account, they also have an email,, or you can go on their web page by clicking AQUÍ

Photos Sambil Margarita Mall

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