La Vela Margarita Mall

No doubt that going to Margarita and not to go through the shopping center La Vela margarita is not going to walk the 120 commercial shops in this innovative space that has been built in time for the enjoyment of residents and especially tourists. It is referred to as the perfect destination to live the best experience of shopping, and enjoy pleasant moments. It has three levels at the best Caribbean style Arena, Sol and Mar; in there are distributed stores that offer all kinds of choice for the consumer.

Centro comercial la vela margarita
Facade of the shopping center La Vela

Important facts in this mall are that it has banks, private parking, integrated security, public restrooms, common areas for launches and relaxations for the public. Likewise, for those which do not have their own vehicle, there is a line of executive taxis. La Vela is luxurious, its small halls are of modern style, an exclusive area for the food fair which is characterized by fast food chains and some business gastronomic venture. Monday to Saturday they open their doors from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, but they always open a little more than that, the opening on Sunday is from 11:00 am to eight pm. Finally, they are located on Costa Azul, Los Uveros street in Porlamar.  They surely have not stopped innovating they have a magazine that currently doesn’t work but their accounts on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter does, these are as @CCLaVela and on their website by clicking  HERE

In the coming months the second stage of this shopping center which will communicate through a bridge with the first stage will open. We hope to find stores of the same category.

Photos of La Vela Mall

Location of La Vela Mall

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