Jeep Safari Margarita Island

Jeep Safari Margarita is another of most marketed rides on the Margarita Island as a Full day service, Jeep Safari Margarita will allow you a ride to the island from end to end, we say this literally since the route is from your hotel to the peninsula of Macanao which is the western part of the Island or western massif (where there is almost nothing). Remember that everything is concentrated in the eastern part of the Island or Eastern Massif.

As mentioned above, the ride starts from your hotel, the same jeep where you will make the tour, will go for you and the other members, depending on the Jeep, can be from 5 to 8 people. The driver will also be your tour guide will tell scheduled stops and time on each. Here the first point to consider; the distances between some points are very long and stay times at stops are very short. In fact, we can say that you mostly be on the jeep through the ride.

jeep safari margarita
Jeep Safari Ride

Knowing this, you can decide whether this Jeep ride is for you and your family. The stops are presented below.

  • Basilica of La Virgen Del Valle
  • Santa Rosa Castle
  • La Restinga National Park
  • A craft shop
  • Punta Arenas beach or another nearby.

While moving from one point to another, it will be a good time to see the whole island and go asking the guide questions you may have about it, even its traditions and what you want to know as the guide tends to be a local and often dominates a couple of languages.

There are many pictures where you see the jeep going through a kind of rocky desert with many potholes; Well, that’s true but it is a very small piece of the trip, and luckily is small because everyone inside the Jeep jump from side to side. Undoubtedly, it is one of the fun parts of the tour.

Here’s a video we obtained on the Internet with a summary of the Ride in Jeep safari Margarita

Video of the Jeep Safari Tour

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