Full Day Cubagua Island

Full day Cubagua Catamaran is the cousin of full day Coche where most travelers ask, which one is the best for a full day; therefore we recommend reading both articles so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Isla Cubagua

We can say that the main difference of both trips is that Cubagua is a whole more virgin island than Coche, because in Cubagua there is nothing! It is an arid island without towns unlike Coche. This certainly makes a difference with the trip because less activity is less local and international tourists and of course, there aren’t as many services as in coche.

This does not mean that we should put one above the other, since both options are very good and usually include absolutely everything. From the departure and return to your hotel to meals, drinks and most importantly, lots of fun.

Among the activities that can be found on rides like Full day Cubagua there is what they call ¨Barroterapia (mud therapy)¨ (see photo), in the video you can see live this fun and relaxing therapy. Snorkeling is also practiced, regarding this I have to say that sometimes there is good visibility and in other cases there is not, that will depend on the equipment the agency provides and the sea conditions.

The beaches intended for tourists are very quiet, because of that the stay is generally very relaxed and almost always has good service. The trip is on a catamaran like to Coche, it will be affected by weather, however to Cubagua only small boats with very limited groups go; so it is more likely to move in the catamaran along the way.

Tips: 1) apply sunscreen; 2) eat breakfast earlier in your hotel; 3) Don’t take strong drink; 4) fill up with mud everywhere; 5) Have fun. 6) Share this information if you liked.

Video of the ride to Cubagua Island:

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