Full Day Coche Island

Full Day Coche Islan is one of the most common activities, excursion type, made by visitors of the Margarita Island, as it allows them to know another of the islands that make up the state of Nueva Esparta with unparalleled beauty and very peculiar characteristics such as its white beaches with strong wind and few waves.

full day coche
Port of arrival to enjoy a full day in Coche Island

Moreover, it is important to note that you will use a whole day (Full Day) in such activity in which they usually include absolutely everything, even seeking you at the hotel where you are staying no matter where this is located. That’s where this adventure begins led by a group of hosts trained to entertain and assist you throughout the tour on a great full day coche.

Once all group members are present in the dock, the journey begins!. Mostly the coming and going trip is not strong with compared to the movement of the boat, all depend on the weather and the boat as such; however, when the conditions are not right, the company postpones departure for another day

Video of a full day, Coche Island

In the morning they offer a very light breakfast, I personally prefer an earlier breakfast in the hotel where they offer something more complete (first advice). They also offer domestic beer that is most recommended because other drinks are very strong, but the important thing is that there is something for everyone. Once you reach the destination, you will find an area with awnings and chairs for all persons in the group they also install a service kiosk nearby to provide food type snacks with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

As mentioned above, the hosts tend to recreate their stay in the spectacular beach with contests such raffles, drawings and dance competitions. The second advice I give you is to put some sunscreen because this island is rarely affected by clouds and the white sand makes the reflection of the sun very strong!

Enjoy a full day coche in a group, have fun with the hosts and if you like, be a participant, as time passes everything becomes more fun. If you bring children you will be calm because the waves are almost nil. At noon to one p.m. they provide a lunch, where we have to say that depending on the company you choose, lunch will be better, we all hope and shredded fish with fried plantains and salad but is not always that way.

The service is usually very good and guys are very attentive. Count on them always, this looks in all the companies that make these trips with their boats.

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