Ferry Margarita

The Ferry Margarita is the means of transport available for all those wishing to visit Margarita from the mainland, specifically from Anzoategui and Sucre State, both located very close to the Nueva Esparta state. This option has daily departures at different times and also is operated by several companies. The cost of the tickets are usually very accessible and allow you to bring vehicles to the Margarita island, this being the only bridge between the north-eastern coast and the Margarita island. Moreover, we must say that the availability is varied although thousands of people move daily and it can be found a seat with more ease in the low season.

Conferry Margarita (11)

Conferry Margarita (11) The trips on the ferry margarita have an average duration of between 2 hours and 4 hours, it all depends on the selected transport company, the climate and the output port. With respect to the units themselves, we can say they are in good condition except for some of them that are outdated; however, they are generally well kept.

The ferry companies operating in Margarita are:

Departures from Puerto La Cruz – Punta de Piedras (Margarita) back and forth; and Guanta (10 minutes from Puerto La Cruz) – The Guamache (Margarita) back and forth

Departures from Puerto La Cruz – Punta de Piedras (Margarita) back and forth.

Departures from Puerto La Cruz and Cumana to Punta de Piedras in Margarita back and forth.

Departures from Carupano to Punta de Piedras back and forth. Next to Coche Island as well.

The tickets can be purchased over the Internet or commercial agencies of each of the companies. For more information we suggest you visit the websites of each company and study what is the best option.

Know well the necessary precautions when carrying a vehicle as being an island, they will ask you for the papers of the car.

Finally, we remark that the departures are not always punctual and they ask people to be at the port at least two hours before the estimated time of departure, this time will be sufficient to permit them to ship all passengers and vehicles.

We leave you some pictures of the trip we did in Conferry. Any questions, feel free to comment, and if this was useful article you can share it in your social networks.

Photos of the Ferry Margarita

Location of the Port of Punta de Piedras in the Margarita Island