Catabar Discotheque

Catabar is a special place to enjoy exquisite cuisine for being considered one of the distinguished restaurants today to have as a specialty French food adapted with tropical ingredients. Located in the beautiful historic center of Pampatar, there you can eat and enjoy in a space for families.

Catabar facade in Pampatar. Margarita Island

It also offers live music as well as select guest DJ.

But when it comes beverage, Catabar is recognized for having excellent wines of the New World on the island. Curious thing about this restaurant is that its menu and drinks can change several times a year, so you will taste a variety of foods, depending on the month you visit. They have settled their success to every contemporary adult who want to have a good time in an innovative, elegant and avant-garde venue.

Catabar can be a very cozy place to enjoy of good luxury and eat like kings, full of imported products and elaborations of quite interesting meals to draw the attention of any visitor in the area. This place will remain one of the highest quality restaurants present on Margarita.

Location of the Catabar nightclub in the Margarita Island