Companies Car Rental Margarita Island

The car rental Margarita Island is necessary and very common since there are different companies for this purpose, from the airport and the most popular areas of the city you will find world-renowned operating companies. Compared to the rest of the world, in Venezuela renting a car or taking a cab is relatively inexpensive for tourists given that the daily cost is very affordable and the cost of filling the gas tank is virtually null, note that the mileage is free. You’re only charged per day.

Car rental margarita island
Car rental service in the Margarita Island

The requeriments for a rental are basically the same as in all countries, is enough with having a Venezuelan driver’s license or one of your country of origin and be over 21 years old, the rest are quick administrative steps.

We recommend you rent a simple sedan car that meets the function of moving you around, because it is neither necessary nor advisable to draw attention with luxury cars, so be careful. We also recommend not to leave luggage or belongings inside these vehicles since they are easily recognizable because of certain characteristics.

Finally, we recommend that when you receive the vehicle check well if it have a crash or a stain in the paint to prevent them to think that you did it when is time of returning the vehicle. You should also check on the inside all upholstery.

We suggest this service in conjunction with a GPS so that it can guide you throughout the island. We use it and never had have trouble getting to any destination.

Below we leave a phone number of car rental companies in margarita

  • City Car Rental: 0295. 263.22.78 / 25.01
  • Margarita Rentals: 0295.263.27.11
  • Toyo Rentals: 0295. 262.95.29 / 269.14.76
  • Budget: 0295. 262.52.85 / 269.10.47
  • Aco Rent a Car. 0295.269.12.70

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