Bora Bora Margarita Island

If you didn’t go to Bora Bora Margarita Island, then you didn’t party at all in the island! …

And I dare confess that is absolutely true. Located in one of the most beautiful bays, Bora Bora Margarita is present in the Marina del Concorde. With its diverse environments to please all customers and have a good time, it has become one of the most visited nightclubs in Margarita.

Bora Bora Margarita (6)

At nightfall, the place is transformed with a play of light that illuminates the party, animated by a DJ. The protagonist is the music in the local offering shows with national and international artists.

Different rhythms ignite the party, Latin music stand, not to mention the electronics, which are preferred by the younger.

Bora Bora Margarita also has a private room for events where the location can be used for weddings or corporate meetings that has led them to unparalleled success, where there is audience of all ages. Bora Bora is chosen by travelers to have a night out on the island.

Photos of Bora Bora Margarita

Location of the Bora Bora nightclub in the Margarita Island