Parguito Beach

Parguito Beach is one of the most famous and commercial beaches in the Margarita Island visited by young locals and tourists. Has a very particular beauty given that in the south it has a dune that visitors often walk up for a panoramic view of the three kilometers of coastline that this beach has, and you can also spot some islets called Los Frailes where you can do diving and snorkeling.

playa parguito
View from the top of the dune of Parguito Beach

Parguito Beach name is in reference to a common fish off the coast of the island, is a beach with many services, including among them:

  • Public parking
  • Restaurants
  • Beach bars
  • Beach vendors
  • Lifeguards

Is important to point out that this beach is also known for its strong waves and currents, so we do not recommend you swim alone if you don’t have good skills, we recommend that somebody is aware of were you are. However, this disadvantage is used by athletes of surf and Morey boogie who practice these sports on weekends.

The sand is fine whitish brown, the water has medium temperature (depending on the month) and along the beach you can see beautiful and tall palm trees that quiver by the strong wind that makes in there all the time.

At the beginning of the post we put a map where you can see the location of parguito beach, the address is as follows: Northeast part of the Margarita Island. North of the fishing town of El Tirano and South of Playa el Agua, it is accessed from the Av. 31 de Julio.


  • When parking your vehicle allows anyone to look after him, surely someone friendly will be present himself offering the service of “Bien Cuidadito” (that’s how they tell it in Venezuela)
  • Position yourself near restaurants and lifeguard services, surely when you arrive you will be offer tents and chairs for your comfort. Usually that same person also provides food and beverage services.
  • Be careful when entering the water; try not to swim to the bottom and close to water sports enthusiasts as they have tables that can cause an accident.
  • Bring cash because few services can be paid by credit card or debit card.
  • Never lose sight of your belongings, theft is not common but prevention is better.

Photos of Parguito Beach

Video of Parguito Beach

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