Guacuco Beach

Guacuco Beach has an extreme beauty, its name is due to the existence of Guacuco on the seabed. Undoubtedly it is the best, In fact are the margariteños who attend this beach on weekends, so we recommend you go on a weekday where you will find a tropical paradise uncrowded.

playa guacuco
Beautiful View of Guacuco Beach

Among its main attractions we have a fine whitish sand, medium waves and flat by several meters after its shore.

The palm trees are a sight since they are constantly moved by the wind blowing constantly. If you go do not stop photographing the tilted palm tree located in the middle of the beach.

Regarding services, we highlight a food kiosk which we expose in our photographs called Guacuco Surf, where you have the opportunity to try several tropical drinks and different dishes a la carte. (run by its owners with a high quality service). Our recommendation is to be installed on the bottom of the kiosk with awnings and chairs that they provide.

We hope you’ll enjoy the photos! and if you visit us enjoy this beautiful beach.

Photos Guacuco Beach

Video of Guacuco Beach

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