El Yaque Beach

El Yaque Beach is one of the crown jewels of the Island since it is a beach known worldwide for its numerous advantages to practice two extreme water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing.

playa el yaque
Storage to save the windsurfing sails in El Yaque Beach

The most notable features are: its shallow waters, with strong and constant winds, and little or zero swell. All this combined allows it to be the ideal place to practice these sports.

The place is also visited by families with small children given that in the eastern part of the beach there are no athletes, allowing you to enjoy a windy beach, flat and quiet, ideal for children.

Speaking a bit of atmosphere you can say it is quite jovial, precisely because of the number of young practitioners from around the world and the spectators generated by the skillful maneuvers. At the same time, for those who want to learn, they can do it, there are several schools that are ironically managed by French, English, Americans and Germans instructors who are waiting for new talent.

With the regard of services, it is important to note that around El Yaque Beach there are 3-star hotels, lodges and beach resorts, ideal for visitors. It also has restaurants, restrooms and bars.

Personally we love this beach because it makes us feel all young and athletes! Background music and if you’re lucky, maybe you get to witness a high level competition since they are very common! Without a doubt, we recommend visiting El Yaque when you come here because it is unique in Margarita and the world!

We left some pictures we took on our visit so you can get an idea of the environment.

Photos El Yaque Beach

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