El Agua Beach. Margarita Island

El Agua Beach, perhaps the most famous and commercial beach in the Margarita Island, for many years was the meeting place of thousands of young people during the holy week seasons and carnivals.

Playa El Agua.
Aerial view of El Agua Beach

Three kilometers of fine white sand with hundreds of palm trees that border with the constant wind from the sea. Like its neighbor (Parguito Beach) this beach has strong waves and currents which must be respected to avoid accidents.

Another key feature of this beach is that there are resort-type hotel complexes, apart-hotels, inns and 3 and 4 stars hotels, which have their own beach clubs where you can stay at any of them under the all included plan.

It’s worth noting that currently, as a result of tourism development plans of the island, they demolished all the beverage and food stands to build a boulevard with a bikeway and services. We expect it to be finalized to restore this natural beauty the services that require national and international tourists.


  • Be careful with the strong currents.
  • Stay in hotels that offer beach services since currently the beach don’t have them.
  • Do not have valuables items like gold chains and flashy watches. There is lots of security, but we think it is best to prevent.
  • Be near a lifeguard or command post.
  • Apply sun cream and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

Now we let photos and a stunning video we take from a drone to appreciate the grandeur of this spectacular beach on Margarita Island.

Photos El Agua Beach

Video of El Agua Beach

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