Coche Island. Nueva Esparta State

Coche Island is one of the three islands that make up the Nueva Esparta State at the Northeast of Venezuela. Much more than beaches, this island has a lot of history since in here it were discovered its rich pearl beds in the salt, by the colonizers who exploited them since 1574.

isla de coche
La Punta Beach. Coche Island

Another curiosity of this island is the sudden sinking of a ship called San Pedro de Alcantara with 15 thousand men to quell the patriots insurrection in 1815, the ship still lies on the seabed. It’s also part of their history a large tsunami that devastated the island in 1541 making great harm.

From a tourism point of view, this island is very visited by local and international tourists despite being a selective tourism (not massive) for the activities and excursions that can be carried out there, among which we have Windsurfing and Kitesurf due to the winds of over 50 km/h without waves. Moreover, the wonderful beaches of white sand and calm water are ideal for families with young childrens.

To reach Coche Island we have 3 ways: the first is by taking a boat from El Yaque beach that leaves you in Punta Blanca, the second is by plane and the third is through a full day with a travel agency that has their own boat. The latter is one of the most recommended if you visit margarita since the entertainment is more noted with the groups that are formed.

If you have more time to discover this island, you can stay overnight at the hotels or inns of the Coche Island served by its owners so you can visit the towns that lie on it.

Photos of Coche Island

Video of Coche Island

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